Our lovely bitch imported from The Nederlands …

Creekwater Cherish the Moment

MOMO – born 04 April 2019
NLCH Moon Beam von Budilium Hof x
LUCH Fairytale You’re the Inspiration

Black bitch. Carries chocolate – BbEE

CAC & Reserve CAC in Denmark.

“Top quality bitch”

– Joao Vascos Poca

“She is a beautiful bitch”

“2 years 4 months, exc type, beautiful head and expression, lovely neck topline and tailset, very well angulated in front and back, beautiful deep body, super coat, exc bone and feet, move very well.”

Phillipe Lammens

Hipscore (HD): A/A
HD index: 106 (per 1. september 2021)
Elboes (AD): 0/0

CNM: free N/N
EIC: free N/N
HPNK, Nasal parakeratose: carrier N/HNPK (carrier)
SD2: free N/N
D-locus – dilution: free D/D
S-locus: N/N

PRA: free N/N
Retinal dysplasia (OSD) – PCR: free N/N
Eye examination, 08 April 2020: All clear

Due to the Covid-19 situation very few shows has been possible in the youngest classes.

Shows in Denmark – newest from the top:

Open class:
5. winner, excellent, CCQ – judge Torunn Sørbye (out of 24 entries)
3. winner, excellent, CCQ – judge Phillipe Lammens (out of 24 entries)
2. winner, excellent, CCQ – 3rd BEST BITCH with RES CAC – judge Joao Vasco Pocas
2. winner, excellent, CCQ – judge Bolette Heering
1. winner, excellent, CCQ – 4th BEST BITCH with CAC – judge Joakim Olufsson (S)
3. winner, excellent, CCQ – judge Birgitte Jørgensen

1. winner, excellent, CCQ, 3rd BEST BITCH – judge Lise Møller Frandsen (DK)

Junior class:
2. winner, excellent, CCQ and RES JUNIOR CAC (out of 19 entries) – judge Roxanna Birk

Puppy class:
1. winner, very promising, BOB PUPPY, BIS 3 – judge A. W. Ellis (GB)

Obidience test: